April 19, 2017

Your Business Funding Options

The Growth Gurus Business Funding Solutions

If you wish to raise finance to fuel your growth, our Business Funding Team has access to the whole of the funding and investment market.

Regardless of whether you are expanding your company, buying a new machine or need to finance a new build project; your Growth Gurus Business Funding team are on hand to help.

We have access to every business lender in the market and we have often secured favourable rates and terms

If you wish to raise Equity Finance then The Growth Gurus Business Funding team also have an unrivalled panel of Angel Investors, Equity investors, EIS funds, Pension funds, Crowd Funders, VC’s and Hedge funds to make sure we raise the finance your company needs.

Business Coaching Services UK

The Growth Gurus Business Funding team also has an unrivalled panel of world class business coaches, Part Time Finance Directors, Finance Controllers and other Financial Management tools that can make sure that you meet the lenders or investors criteria.

Business Loans to Increase Working Capital

If your business is growing then you may require a business loan to increase your working capital. Business loans are often considered to be lower cost and considerably lower risk than an overdraft or invoice discounting

Using your own profits is a high-risk option that reduces your personal wealth and increases business risks.

We can arrange from £5000 to £500,000 in business loans to increase your working Capital typically with 7 days

For business loans under £150k we typically complete within 48 hours without any security

Raising Money using Equity Finance

Raising Equity Finance is a daunting task even for seasoned entrepreneurs.

We will help with raising the funds you need by helping with your BP, Deck and IM.

We have access to

All the EIS funds,
A large panel of Angel Investors
The Crowd Funders worth using
Pension Funds
Institutional Funds.

If you are investable, we will help you raise the funds.

If you need a little help prepare you and your business for investment we can give you access to our team of experts!

Invoice Discounting

A simple way to improve your cash flow and give you more working capital is to use an Invoice Discounting service.

Invoice discounting will enable you to use the funds within your invoice before your client pays the invoice. This will speed up your cash flow and improve the amount of working capital and this is likely to enable you to grow more quickly.

We have access to the whole of the funding market and will help find the ideal invoice discounting partner.

As you grow and you create more profit it is likely that you will need to change to Invoice Discounting provider. Our Annual Review will make sure that you are always using the the right Invoice Discounting source.

Asset Finance. The smart way to buy assets

We offer asset finance to enable your business to buy vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Purchasing vehicles and everyday equipment that your company needs can be extremely costly and may seriously reduce your growth if you simply use cash rather than using Asset Finance.

By spreading the cost of your vehicles and office equipment means that your funded assets can be earning your business valuable income whilst paying for itself.

Asset Finance really can be the smart solution.

Alternatively we can also help release the value of your existing fixed assets by re-financing your current equipment, allowing your company the much-needed cash to expand or spend the money in other much-needed areas.

After business loans and overdraft facilities, Asset Finance is the most popular way for a company to help finance its future.

We finance:
Cars| Vans| Manufacturing Equipment | Machine Tools & Engineering | Print Machinery | Office Equipment | Building Equipment | Office Equipment | Construction Plant Equipment | Equine | Industrial | Agricultural plus many more

Trade Finance

Trade finance will enable you to buy stock without the need to use your own cash. Even stock to be purchased from overseas.

Our trade finance team have many years of experience of structuring trade and stock finance solutions

For example our funders can pay oversees suppliers 100% of the cost of the stock. We can even arrange for the deposits to be paid.

Each new facility is viewed on its merits and there are no strict lending limits in place.

Pension Backed Funding

Pension backed funding comes in a number of forms and we can enable your business to benefit from Pension Funding

If your business is well run and stable we could enable your pension funds to be invested into your own company.

eg If you have £200,000+ in your own pension fund then we may be able to arrange for your pension to lend your business up to £100,000 with a very low-interest rate over 5 years with no PG.

We also have other pension funds who may like your business and wish to invest or lend pension funds to your business.

Crowd Funding

Crowd funding is a buzz word at the moment and as a funding route it is ideal for some. For others Crowd Funding is not a viable option.

If you believe that Crowd Funding is right for you, you could raise considerable amounts that will exceed any other business funding routes. You will need to pay the investors of course and you can opt for Interest, shares or goods/ services.

If your company wishes to raise funding using Crowdfunding then The Growth Gurus have a team of consultants who could help you prepare and then manage your Crowd Funding campaign

Without support you are likely to waste a considerable amount of time and burn your potential investors.

Start Up Loans

If your business has just started, arranging a business loan is typically a vital ingredient to both your growth and survival.

The banks and other commercial lenders may have little or no interest in funding your new business.

We have access to The Start Up Loan company a government and British Business Bank backed funding source for start-up businesses.

There are various delivery partners across the UK with differing levels of competency. The Growth Gurus work very closely with all the better partners to ensure your success.

Rates of 6% represent excellent value and you can borrow up to £25,000 per director.

Of course we can also help you with your business plan and offer you invaluable support to increase your success.

Development Finance

Each development is unique and you can find it difficult to find the funding package to support your requirements.

Our panel of funders include specialist who can support you within the commercial and residential property market.

We have access to a range of finance support options allowing you to tailor a bespoke solution.

R and D Tax credits

Unlike most commercial finance providers we also give you access to ‘free’ money.

If you have developed your process, systems or products then it is likely that you could benefit from an Research and Development claim.

This means that you will receive a cheque from the HMRC even if you have not paid them anything.

Our average claim is over £40,000.

Bridging Finance

If you have a short-term need for capital and the property assets to support the loan anywhere in the world, then its likely that you could raise the funds you need with bridging finance.

On occasions we can also arrange loans where you offer up other security such as cars, boat, jets or other high value assets.

If you need a short-term bridging deal then we have a comprehensive panel of around 50 bridging finance providers who may be happy to help you move forwards.

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