April 19, 2017

About Us

The Growth Gurus offer exclusive Business Funding solutions, advice and support that covers all the critical areas required to;

  • Maximise your profits,
  • Grow you business sustainably
  • Increase your sales beyond your expectations,
  • Organise your business to enable your team to run the business without you,
  • Build your personal wealth whilst the company grows,
  • To reach a successful sale of your business; and
  • Minimise your risk of business failure.
Sustainable growth and maximising profitability do not happen by accident and should not be left to chance.

Our team will take the time to understand your personal and business goals, your core values and aspirations. All of which we will challenge.

We will find out what you and your business need to make sure that you build a highly profitable, sustainable, high growth enterprise that can be scaled and then sold within a predetermined period of time for the maximum amount.

During your journey our team will make sure that your company is built into a systemised enterprise that enables you to work on the business and not within it. This will have a positive effect on your lifestyle as well as your profits and value.

The Growth Guru team aim to be your critical friend, counsel and confidant throughout the inevitable ups and downs of your business journey.

We will always keep your family and personal needs at the forefront of our minds.

During the growth of your business you will need access to various professionals, consultants and Directors who we will hand select and then oversee throughout their tenure. We have access to a huge panel of Business Funding professionals, Business Coaching Professionals and many more essential people required to ensure growth for your business.

All our professionals and consultants will report directly to The Growth Gurus to make sure that we oversee their performance.

With The Growth Gurus overseeing the process, we will all be working transparently together as a team for your benefit.

During the lifetime of your business you will need various forms of external Business Funding. The Growth Gurus have access to a panel of the best business loan, Business Funding and Private equity market.

We will be on hand to raise funds in a timely fashion throughout your business journey.

Last but not least we will make sure that you build up your personal wealth during the growth phase of your business and beyond. We aim to make sure that you and your family are already independently wealthy before you exit.

We are confident that we can transform any business that takes our philosophy on board, to such an extent that if we fail to deliver an increase in profits that exceeds the fees we charge, we will refund 150% of our fees.

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